Pros & Cons Of Moving To Pretoria

Moving to Pretoria moving to Pretoria South Africa Loadem moving companyPretoria is one of the beautiful cities in South Africa. It’s regarded as the older but quieter sister of Johannesburg. The city is equipped with many infrastructures, and the suburbs have many leafy residential houses. Pretoria is in the Tshwane Metropolis. It’s a city with diverse cultures and full of great opportunities.

Pretoria is the country’s administrative capital; thus, most of the civil servants reside here. The government headquarters and embassies are located in the city. Pretoria is distinguished by its unique and great architectural views. The beauty is impeccable, and you’ll love to stay in the city.

Pretoria is the world’s second city with the largest number of foreign embassies. It has some game parks for recreation. If you love great times for your leisure, then don’t miss the city’s nature reserves and the health spas that are luxuriously maintained. Though there are crimes, their rate is lower compared to those of Johannesburg and Cape Town. 

Moving to Pretoria can be an exciting decision. You should consider these pros and cons before moving to Pretoria:

Pros for Moving to Pretoria

Infrastructurally equipped

Moving to Pretoria furniture removals in Pretoria and Centurion Loadem MoversPretoria has almost all the infrastructure that a city needs to operate effectively more than other cities in South Africa. The reason may be attributed to the fact that it’s the administrative capital of the country. Pretoria has some of the best hospitals, schools, universities, and sports facilities in the country. So living in the city allows you to access these facilities which make the lives of citizens less stressful.

Close to government headquarters and foreign embassies

Pretoria is the country’s administrative capital. It’s adorned with various government headquarters and parastatals. Also, there are several foreign embassies in the city. Pretoria has the record as the world’s second city with the largest number of foreign embassies after Washington DC. You can easily access these entities. Living in the city brings you in frequent contact with foreigners and expats.

Beautiful edifice and architectural views

The city of Pretoria can be likened to a planned city. The beauty is better seen than imagined. Most of the suburbs streets have lined trees which bloom with greenness during the summer. The spring period gives the city an amazing breathtaking feeling with the purple and orange carpet coverings from Jacaranda trees.

Moving to Pretoria moving quotes Loadem Movers South AfricaAccording to the world’s ranking, Pretoria is ranked as a sister city of Washington DC and Delft in the Netherlands. 

More orderly city than Johannesburg

The city of Pretoria has a more orderly and reserved lifestyle than Johannesburg. It’s quieter and has less nightlife than in Johannesburg. The lifestyle in Pretoria is more leisurely, with sporting and recreational activities. Also, the rate of crime in the city is lower than in Johannesburg.

Cons for Moving to Pretoria

Heavy traffic

Heavy traffic is an inevitable issue in Pretoria. It’s more prominent when you’re staying in the suburbs and working in one of the busy areas.

Excessive heat

Though you can say that heat is a basic characteristic of African countries. However, when considering other South African cities, Pretoria falls among the hottest during summers. The temperature can be above 35oC, which can be irritating. 

Mass Demonstrations

This is one of the cities that always experiences mass demonstrations and protests. It can be because Pretoria is the country’s administrative capital. Thus, these protests always get to the Union Buildings.


Pretoria is a beautiful city to explore. Its architectural views are amazing and unique. Being the administrative capital, you can easily have an interface with government officials and access the numerous embassies. Also, there’s the added advantage of a better security system in Pretoria than in some South African cities.

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