Pros & Cons Of Moving To Australia

Australia is the only country in the world that is also a continent. It’s one of the world’s largest countries. It lies in the Southern Hemisphere, between the Indian and Pacific oceans. Canberra is the capital of Australia.  For many people, moving to Australia can be fun!

By the isolation of Australia from the other world’s continents comes the unique nature of its animal and plant life.

For instance, platypus and echidna, the only mammals that lay eggs, are found in Australia.

Moving To Brisbane or Sydney?

Moving to Brisbane Australia from South Africa Loadem MoversThrough its series of development, Australia has become one of the best countries in the world that lots of people are craving to migrate to.

There’s a recent increase in the number of South Africans migrating to Australia.

Its economy is strong, with well-functioning systems in every sector.

Most Australian cities such as Melbourne, Canberra, Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane are lovely and amazing places to be. 

As you are planning to move to Australia from South Africa, here are some pros and cons of living in Australia to weigh.

Pros – What You’ll Love about Moving to Australia

Quality healthcare

Quality healthcare hospital Medicare Loadem MoversAustralia has one of the best high-quality and dynamic healthcare systems both in the public and private health sectors.

The hospitals are fully equipped with top-notch facilities and well-trained health personnel.

Also, in most cases, based on the expat’s country’s relationship with Australia, Medicare can be free or with low bills.

High standard of living

Compared with what is obtainable in South Africa, the standard of living in Australia is considerably high.

The salaries are higher than what you get back home, especially when your skill is in demand.

The country boasts of good roads. Also, the train networks and traffic controls are more effective.

Most expats don’t mind the extra cost of living that goes with the high living standard in Australia.

Good educational system

Standard of education in Australia Moving to Australia from South Africa Loadem MoversAustralia boasts of a good educational system both in the public and private schools at all levels of education.

The standard of teaching and learning is great with good teaching aids and facilities in the schools.

The teaching staff is well trained and experienced, and they deliver their jobs with great professionalism.

Friendly atmosphere

Friendly people in Australia Moving to Australia Loadem MoversArriving in the country puts you in contact with the Aussies, who are friendly and welcoming in their interaction.

If you’re an open person and accept the local tradition, you won’t have much problem integrating fast into the Australian atmosphere.

Cons – Regret Moving to Australia from South Africa

Now, from a South African perspective, lets look at some of the reasons often sighted by South African expats who emigrated to Australia from South Africa.

15 Reasons You May Regret Moving To Australia from South Africa

So, Is moving to Australia from South Africa all it’s cracked up to be? A lot of South African expats regret moving to Australia from South Africa because they’re not used to the cold weather, the high cost of living or the lack of social cohesion. Whatever the reason, many people who migrate to Australia from South Africa regret their decision at one point or another.


For many people things may be looking dire in South Africa.

The economy is in decline, crime is rampant and political instability seems to be the new norm. So it’s no surprise that South Africans are looking for a way out – and often that way out is Australia.

But while Australia may seem like the Promised Land, there are actually quite a few things you may regret about making the move.

Here are 15 reasons you may regret moving to Australia from South Africa:

1. The cost of living is high in Australia – While wages are generally higher in Australia, the cost of living is also significantly higher.

High living standard in Australia moving to Australia Loadem Movers

High living expenses in Australia

Though the standard of living in Australia is high, the living expenses are equally high.

You will pay more for food and other utilities than in South Africa.

This increase in expense can be a huge shock to any expat that has not made a budget to cushion the effects.

Similarly, the use of a private health system is very costly without coverage from your employer’s organization for your Medicare. 

2. The weather is cold in Australia – For those used to the warm climate of South Africa, the cold winters in Australia can be a shock.

3. There is a lack of social cohesion in Australia – While Australians are generally friendly and welcoming, there is a lack of social cohesion when compared to South African society.

4. There is a lack of racial diversity in Australia – One of the things that makes South Africa special is its racial diversity.  This means that you may feel a sense of isolation if you’re used to the diversity of South Africa.

5. There is a lack of cultural diversity in Australia – Along with a lack of racial diversity, there is also a lack of cultural diversity in Australia. Meaning that you may find it difficult to connect with people from prevalent cultures.

6. There is a lack of linguistic diversity in Australia – English is the only language spoken widely in Australia, so those who don’t speak it may find communication difficult.

7. The pace of life is slower in Australia – For those used to the fast-paced lifestyle of South Africa, the slower pace of life in Australia can be frustrating.


8. Education is expensive in Australia – While education is free for Australian citizens and permanent residents, international students often have to pay high fees.

High educational fees in Australia

If you’re interested in the international and private schools in Australia, get ready for the huge bills.

Also, the costs of education at the university levels are quite exorbitant, especially when you don’t have Australian residency.

high educational fees student loans Loadem Movers


9. Healthcare is expensive in Australia – Private healthcare is not covered by Medicare, so out-of-pocket expenses can be high.

10. Housing is expensive in Australia – The cost of housing, whether renting or buying, is high in Australia.

11. Childcare is expensive in Australia – Childcare costs can be a significant expense for families in Australia.

12. You will have to start from scratch in terms of your career – If you’re planning on moving to Australia with the intention of furthering your career, you’ll likely have to start from scratch. Establishing yourself in a new country is often difficult, and your South African qualifications may not be as recognized.

13. It’s an isolated country – Every other city in Australia is at least a five-hour flight away, so if you’re used to being close to family and friends, you may find the isolation difficult to deal with.

14. The food is not as good in Australia – For those used to the variety and quality of South African food, Australian food can be a let-down.

15. You will miss South Africa – No matter how good Australia is, there’s no place like home. And you will definitely miss South Africa.


Australia map migrating to Australia from South Africa immigration in Australia Loadem MoversAustralia is a great place to be.

The numerous beautiful sights and views in the country will easily captivate you.

The country has great working systems that make life easy and enjoyable.

You will have the thrill to move to Australia from South Africa. 

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