Pros & Cons of moving to Cape Town

Moving to Cape Town Loadem Furniture MoversEvery relocation has its ups and downs. Moving to Cape Town is no exception. If you’re considering a move to Cape Town, get ready for a big roller coaster experience.

Though there are divided opinions on the standard of living in Cape Town, you can glance at opinions as an individualized approach. While some people will never buy the idea to reside in the city, some are earnestly yearning for such an opportunity. 

Commonly known as the ‘Mother City, ‘ Cape Town has the largest population in the country. The city offers great and lovely advantages to residents with some amazing sights and its climatic conditions. It’s blessed with great mountain hikes, unique beaches, superb nightlife, amazing wineries, and other natural endowments. 

Before you conclude on your plan to move, consider the pros and cons of moving to Cape Town.

Furniture removal company in Cape Town Loadem MoversPros of Living in Cape Town

Several choices of accommodation

Living in Cape Town gives you multiple options for accommodations. Wherever your preferential area for a home is, near the seashore, at a mountain foot, or a sunny location, Cape Town has them all.

Cost of living

The cost of living in Cape Town is amazingly low. In comparison with Johannesburg or Pretoria, moving to Cape Town is far cheaper. The house rents and food are reasonably low such that an average earner can comfortably afford without stress.

Superb nightlife

Life in Cape Town gives the residents the unique opportunity to enjoy their leisure freely. There’s superb nightlife in the city which expats can use to spend their free time. Lots of good restaurants and clubs with affordable wine and food are easily accessible. Also, you can locate good shopping malls and supermarkets for your shopping.

Good weather conditions

Living in Cape Town Loadem MoversCape Town has mild winters and hot summers that are longer than those obtainable in the UK or U.S. This allows you to enjoy the outdoor activities that you love. A move to Cape Town will see you going for a hike, surfing, and others.

Cons of Living in Cape Town

Lower Wages than in Johannesburg

When compared to Johannesburg, the economic activities in Cape Town are far lower. This inversely affects the wages and salaries of workers in the city. Thus, salaries in Cape Town are lower than what is obtainable in Johannesburg. However, the lower cost of moving to Cape Town can cushion the effect of its lower salaries when you weigh the options.

A limited public transport system

The public transport system in Cape Town is limited. The system has just the MyCiTi bus, which doesn’t satisfy the public’s need for transportation. The only alternative without your personal car is the use of minibus taxis. However, due to the recklessness of their drivers, minibus taxis are not a recommendable option.

High crime rate

The crime rate in Cape Town is quiet on the high side, unlike most European cities. This can be attributed to South African inequality in its social conditions. By taking the necessary precautions and safety tips, you can evade being a victim of such crimes.


The ‘Mother City’ is an interesting place to be. With its numerous landscape and beautiful sceneries, you can’t help but fall in love with the city. The city has its special nightlife style that can help you to ease off the stress of the day. There’s never a dull lifestyle while living in Cape Town.

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