Pros & Cons Of Moving To Durban

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For most people, moving to Durban would be an exciting venture.

Among all the cities in South Africa, Durban has a unique distinguishing climate. It’s blessed with subtropical coastal weather that keeps it warm almost year-round. It has warm seas and safe beaches for swimming. 

A Portuguese, Vasco da Gama, first discovered Durban city in 1497 on Christmas day during his exploration. Hence, he named the city ‘Rio de Natal’ (Natal means Christmas). The city was later renamed in 1835 to Durban city after Sir Benjamin D’Urban, the former Cape Colony governor. 

Also. he was the one who built the city’s harbor, which has become one of the busiest ports in Africa. Today, the city has its full name as Durban Kwa-Zulu Natal.

If you are considering moving to Durban, you should weigh the pros and cons of living in the city.

Pros of Moving to Durban

Good and serene climatic conditions

The city of Durban has the best climatic condition in South Africa. The weather is warm, and this makes the seas warm as well. The beaches are great places for relaxation. Most old people prefer to retire in Durban due to its distinguishing favorable climate. It gives them the feeling of having a permanent holiday. 

Rich in culture

The main natives in Durban city are the Zulus. They’ve been the early settlers and have made their living easily from the land. You can see their rich cultural display of curios and crafts in the markets, street vendors, theaters, and art galleries. 

Also, other cultures are equally visible in the city. For instance, the largest population of Indians outside India is in Durban. So, the Indians have their community within Durban city.

Friendly people

Zulu Kwazulu Natal Moving to Durban South AFrica Loadem furniture removalsDurban boasts of being one of the friendly cities in South Africa. You will see the frequent exchange of smiles and jokes among people. Strangers are always welcomed with smiles and warmth that give them a sense of belonging. In general, the social interactions of the people in Durban are second to none in the entire country.

Low cost of living

Moving to durban Loadem MoversThe cost of living in Durban is considerably lower than in most cities such as Cape Town and Johannesburg. This is partly because almost everyone maintains a lifestyle of simplicity. There are no visible competitions among peers and in neighborhoods. Just with R200, you can have a great night out and enjoy yourself. It’s really that low and good.

Cons for Moving to Durban

High cases of humidity and condensation in summers

The warm temperature in Durban city accounts for its high humidity and condensation. This makes more moisture settle inside houses. It can result in the formation of mildew in homes which can damage some home décor and clothing.

High crime rate

The crime rate in Durban city is also high. However, in comparison with Cape Town or Johannesburg, one can say that Durban is better. 

Higher international traveling cost than in Cape Town

If you’re planning to take an international flight, Durban city may not be a better departing point for you. This is because you will pay more when traveling from Durban than from Cape Town.

Limitation in nightlife 

Durban city has low nightlife. You can’t get the exciting activities of nightlife in the city when compared to Cape Town and Johannesburg. Durban’s exciting moments are mostly in the day in the outstanding beaches and other landscapes.


Living in Durban city can be fun. The presence of the busy port makes the city’s economy strong and booming. The several beaches are an added advantage of recreation both for tourists and residents. The favorable climatic conditions makes moving to Durban a worthwhile prospect.

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