Pros & Cons of moving to Johannesburg

moving to Johannesburg Loadem furniture removal companyMoving to Johannesburg should bring exciting opportunities for those looking for economic opportunities.

Johannesburg is South Africa‘s largest city. It is also known as the city of gold due to its location at the edge of the world’s largest gold deposit. Johannesburg, which is commonly called Johannesburg, has a large number of immigrants in South Africa. This is partly due to its low cost of housing and living, amazing job opportunities, and rich cultural and historical events.

Johannesburg was formed during the gold rush of the late 19th century. It has undergone rebuilding four times within a century, starting from tented camps to the final modern city. Johannesburg is a city that welcomes its visitors with open hands.

If you’re planning on moving to Johannesburg, here are some pros and cons of the city to consider. 

 Pros for Moving to Johannesburg

  • A booming economy that supports business

Moving to Johannesburg business opportunities Loadem furniture removal companyJohannesburg has a strong and vast economy that supports both international and local businesses. Most business entities and corporations site their headquarters in the city due to its position in the financial hubs of the continent.

  • Good climatic conditions all year round

Enonomic hub of South Africa Moving to Johannesburg Loadem furniture removal company

Johannesburg has great outstanding weather and climatic conditions throughout the year. In contrast to what is obtainable in other places, the winter period is quite mild and sunny. On the other hand, the summer period ends with thunderstorms. The winter period of the city is from June to August. The summer starts from December to February. 

  • Friendly people

The natives of the city of gold are very warm and friendly. They always welcome strangers with smiles. You won’t have any problem with communication as the country’s official language is English. You will feel the connection between the people from their greetings, frequent eye contact, and smiles. Making friends in the city is very simple.

  • Low cost of living

Low cost of living moving to Johannesburg Loadem furniture removals In comparison to other cities in the world like London and the U.S., the cost of living is relatively low in Johannesburg. You’ll discover that both meals and rents in Johannesburg are 50% less on average in comparison to those in London.

  • Different kinds of food to explore

This is one of the outstanding features in the city that you can’t afford to miss if you love food a lot. Having a multicultural background, you will get different kinds of food of your choice in the city. These range from Italian, Japanese, Chinese, Indian, Greece, and of course, the local native food. 

Cons of Moving to Johannesburg

  • Increase in crime rates

Though there may be irregularities in the reports from the media, Johannesburg is among the cities with outrageous crime rates. It has become almost a regular occurrence that residents must be extremely careful about their safety. The nature of crimes ranges from sexual to violent and is common in low-cost areas of the city.

  • High traffic congestion

The city of gold is a very busy city, full of activities. You’ll experience lots of traffic, especially during the peak hours of working days. You may be stuck for hours in a simple drive of minutes. It’s that bad with Johannesburg’s traffic.


moving to Johannesburg South Africa furniture removals moving quotes small loads office removals Loadem MoversLife in Johannesburg could be quite interesting. If you’re planning on moving to Johannesburg, you can be sure to encounter thrilling aspects of the city. With some beautiful and classy sights, the city gives an amazing view to both residents and tourists. There’s no need for many words; a trip will convince you to move to Johannesburg.

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