Pros & Cons Of Moving To Canada

Moving to Canada can present a lot of opportunities but also challenges.

moving to Canada from US loadem furniture removalsCanada is the world’s second-largest country, after Russia. Its located in the continent of North America. Before now, its population was sparse. However, through the recent immigration rate and naturalization, the population is increasing.

The capital of Canada is Ottawa. English and French are the country’s official languages. It is divided into ten provinces. The country is a developed one both technologically and economically. It has lots of beautiful natural sceneries and offers great opportunities for immigrants to grow. 

Consider these pros and cons before moving to Canada.

Pros of Moving to Canada

High standard of living

The standard of living in Canada is really high and great. The economic, educational, health, and other aspects function effectively and efficiently. The transport system is great without much stress, and the general environment is so clean and beautiful. You will be amazed at the level of orderliness and timeliness of things in the country.

Free quality public healthcare

Healthcare Hospital high living standards Loadem MoversThe healthcare system in the country pushes Canada as one of the best in the world’s ranking. The Canadian universal healthcare system is of high quality and free. There’s no marginalization and partiality in the treatment. Everyone follows the waiting lines and times to get to them. Though you may pay for your medicines or dental charges, the services are very good. Also, according to your province, you are likely to pay for premium health coverage.

Low crime rate

Though every country has its crime incidents, the rate of crime in Canada is very low compared with its neighbor, the USA. Stories of robberies and murders are not a daily occurrence.

Wonderful social system

Canada operates with a wonderful system that makes things easier for its residents. You can get up to 12 to 18 months of paid maternity leave. Though there’s a cut in the payment but the long period of the leave is a great bonus. Also, the country has unemployment insurance and some governmental support. 

Cons for Moving to Canada

High taxation 

taxation Furniture Removals Loadem MoversThe Canadian government can only provide a good and quality standard of living through taxation. Living in Canada sees you paying tax virtually on every purchase and sale. These taxes are very high that they can cut deep into your salary and income, leaving you with very little.

High cost of living

high cost of living moving to Canada Loadem MoversMost people living in Canada may often complain about the high living cost in the country. This Is majorly due to the high taxation in the country. Most things are very costly due to high tariffs on them. 

French-speaking Quebec

Remember that Canada has two official languages. Moving to Quebec, where the official language is French, you must be conversant with the language. More than 95% of Quebec residents speak the language as their primary or secondary language. You may feel left out in this place when you can’t speak the language.

Extreme cold weather

cold weather Loadem MoversCanada is one of those northern countries that experience extremely cold weather that people won’t venture outside. While some people may see this as a great disadvantage in living in the country, you can always find your way around this. With the use of heaters and thick clothing and coverings, you will protect yourself.


Canada is one of the great countries of the world with amazing and beautiful natural sceneries. Its climatic conditions vary, so you need to understand the extremes based on the province you choose. You can weigh the ups and downs of moving to the country to plan your budget. And of course, lots of great opportunities in the country can form the fundamental backing in your decision.

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